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These Guys Will Bring You Steak and Whiskey

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There are plenty of great reasons for you to get off your couch tonight.

Filet mignon and whiskey are not two of them, though.

This is In the Sack, a utilitarian shop offering to-go meals and liquor delivery, now open on Cedar Springs.

So naturally, such a place might come in handy. Hey, like this.

For ready-to-eat steaks and sandwiches.
You spent all day... well, doing stuff besides cooking. But still, that’s no reason to start. So step into this uncomplicated store and head for that center kiosk. That’s where they keep takeaway things like fried-chicken sandwiches, Thai Cobb salads and filet mignons with twice-baked potatoes. It’s one compelling kiosk.

For at-home whiskey emergencies.
You’re watching the Mavs, it’s halftime, and your thirsty friends have decimated your liquor stash. Again. Thankfully, this place delivers (within a two-mile radius for now). So pick up the phone, ask for the usual, then proceed to explain that your usual is a bottle of scotch, some pinot, a few six-packs and a pepperoni pizza. Now sit tight. Salvation inbound.

For opening said bottles.
These guys again. See, they’re also peddling wine glasses, bottle openers, cocktail shakers and other useful items. So maybe throw a few of those into the bag as well.

Better yet, gently place them in the bag.


In the Sack
1700 Cedar Springs Rd, Ste 120
Dallas, TX, 75202


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