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Turning Your Selfies into Cinematic Magic

None Consider: the selfie.

One fleeting moment of glory on your feed, and then it’s banished to the land of misfit self-indulgent shots. Never to be seen or heard from ever again.

But for less than a dollar a day, you too can save a selfie’s life.

No, seriously.

Rescue a village of selfies with Picr, a new app that turns your self-portraits into a cinematic tour de force, available now for iPhone.

This is basically a camera app. Except it takes your forays into the art of solo photography and synthesizes them into a movie with text and musical scoring. Yep, time to call in that John Williams favor.

So, say you want to document your trip to the International Space Station. Which... happens. First, download the app. Then, tell it to remind you to snap a pic of yourself every half hour/hour/day. When you’re ready, it’ll line up your face with a grid to take the perfect shot. Afterward, it’ll stitch together your photos and let you add in your own personal text and music. Voilà, You: The Movie.

But you can also stream in existing pictures in your iPhone album to make a film. Just add in the text and music.

And, like, a story.

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