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Tequila and Shrimp on a Greenville Patio

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Somewhere in the world, there’s a beach that’s missing its seafood shack.

And a tire store that’s wondering where the hell this seafood shack came from.

Don a floppy hat for Palapas Seafood Bar, a thatched-roof fish hut that’s peddling shrimp, snapper and tequila-spiked beverages, opening tonight next to a random Goodyear shop on Greenville Ave.

Walking in, you’re met with exposed bricks, blue chairs and an inviting coastal vibe. But you’ve also got a wood-topped bar on your left and a dining room on your right. Two important details, assuming you’re not just here to admire the view.

Now, if it were up to us, we’d bring a few friends and start with mezcal-cucumber cocktails before moving on to things like red snapper wrapped in a banana leaf. But since it’s not, you just do whatever feels right. Maybe grilled-shrimp tacos. Maybe mezcal and red snapper.

And since it’s Friday and the weather’s nice, you’ve got two fine reasons to check out their patio. With its Mexican beers, palm-covered roof and cross breeze, it’s just like being on the beach.

That one beach with the tire shop.


Palapas Seafood Bar
1418 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX, 75206


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