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A Butcher Shop with Meatball Sandwiches

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About that recurring dream of yours... The one where the breakfast sandwiches, meat loaf and slabs of bacon are closing in on you, threatening to bury you alive.

Well, this place might freak you out a bit. Because it’s sort of exactly like that.

Say hello to Red Apron Butcher, the new flagship location of the local meat-and-sandwich purveyors, opening Wednesday in an old Penn Quarter hardware store.

You’ve probably had a Porkstrami at their Union Market location. But here, they’ve cranked up the dial. For starters, they’ll be dry-aging meat in the basement and cutting steaks to order, which you can grab to go, along with mashed potatoes, maple syrup and gin marmalade.

Or show up early for Tigelle sandwiches—basically an English-muffin/pizza-dough mashup, on which you’ll get stuff like a breakfast meatball in a coffee-spiked red-eye gravy. Take them to a dining room booth, which happens to be tucked under a huge glass charcuterie case.

And about that dining room... in three weeks, it will open in evenings as the Partisan, a restaurant where you can sample 40 of those charcuteries and big cuts of meat like pig’s head and dry-aged rib roast.

But not dry-aged pig’s head. Because, ew.


Red Apron Butcher/The Partisan
709 D St NW
Washington, DC, 20004


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