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Harnessing Instagram’s Dating Powers

None Instagram is good for:

1) Posting pictures.
2) Looking at other people’s pictures.

Instagram is terrible for:

1) Being a dating site.

If only there were a new app called Glimpse that turned your Instagram into a potent tool of digital datery that’s available now for iPhone...

Right. So this thing. This Glimpse. Turns out, it does exist and it does convert Instagram from a place to casually admire not-unattractive people into a place to casually meet not-unattractive people.

First, request an invite. At which point you’ll be prompted to anonymously send an invite email to someone you’ve had your eye on. And... that’s it for now. You’re in. No need to set up a profile or whatever.

All that’s left to do is choose nine of your existing pictures that best represent you. Go easy on the food pics. Unless you’re an actual lobster ravioli. Then it’s fine. Real, real weird, but fine.

Before you know it, you’re perusing the selected photos of other users and deploying tactical “smiles” or “swipes” as needed. In the case of a match, feel free to send a message and start chatting over a photo.

Oh God, please don’t talk in hashtags.

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