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A Thai Eatery with Beachy Cocktails

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You like taking long walks on them.

Bette Midler movies are occasionally named after them.

And now, most importantly, the Bon Vivants are concocting drinks you’d want to drink on them...

Step inside Kin Khao, a bright, sunny corner Thai spot with critical beach-inspired cocktails from the Trick Dog drinkmasters, opening tomorrow.

There are a few things you’d want from a new Thai place. You’d want a Bangkok native behind it, someone who locked down a Manresa chef and who moonlights as an Iron Chef judge. You’d want big windows, lots of light at lunch, a big slab of an elm table and shelves stocked with fish sauce and lunch boxes. And dammit, you’d want curry with a bone-in beef shank and Pretty Hot Wings with a sriracha glaze.

Maybe even more importantly—if anything could be more important than wings—you’d want to come by for a late dinner and find out that the Trick Dog owners came up with the drinks, and you wouldn’t mind if they were to throw some rum and coconut cream into a little something called a Hua Hin Beach.

You’re just spitballing here...


Kin Khao
55 Cyril Magnin St
(at Mason)
San Francisco, CA, 94102


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