Lost and Foundry

Cowboy Boots. Motorcycle Jackets. H Street.

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Today, we speak of the “special relationship.” No, not the one that the French president has.

We mean the special bond between Britain and the US, which results in wars won, blues played and... the stuff in here: Foundry, a vintage repository representing some of the best clothing the Brits and the Yanks turned out last century, now open Friday through Sunday.

You may recognize the name. Yeah, they used to be on U Street. But now they’ve relocated to a two-floor carriage house in an alley behind H Street. And more importantly, they’ve added a whole section of men’s vintage.

The woman behind said section: an eagle-eyed picker named Yvette, who has a fondness for mid-century British finery and mid-century American rebel. Which means you can balance your James Dean–inspired badassery (motorcycle jackets and cowboy boots dating to the ’40s) with your Michael Caine–inspired badassery (Savile Row suits, Burberry trenches).

And when you’re done exuding cool, you’ll need something to sit on/drink from. So check out their home stuff—chairs emblazoned with the Union Jack, all kinds of bar carts. She’ll even make custom pieces, like a chair upholstered with an army blanket, or a couch made from old suit fabric.

You’ve always wanted a tuxedo couch.


1129 Atlas Ct NE
(north of H St, between 11th and 12th)
Washington, DC, 20002


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