The Great Escape

Meet Your Stunning New Mobile Cottage

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That Noah guy from The Notebook.

There’s someone who knows about winning Valentine’s.

Buys a 200-year-old plantation home. Spends years restoring it. All in the name of love.

Good for him.

But you’re about to make that happen in, oh, less than 24 hours.

Valentine’s: owned.

Meet Escape, a handsome new mobile cabin that can be assembled and moved in less than a day, available now.

Technically, this thing is an RV... that looks like a log cabin. But the kind Frank Lloyd Wright might’ve lent his architectural wizardry to back in the day. You know, all beveled cedar siding, oak hardwood floors and a front screened-in porch with recessed lighting and a fan. All ready to be taken pretty much anywhere you want it.

To experience this, give these guys a ring and have them start the building process. Just know that almost everything in your cottage is customizable. Steam showers: check. Stone fireplace: check. Heated bathroom floor and an air-conditioning unit: check and... C-H-E-C-K.

Now, how you decide to use your new mobile cabin is up to you. A vacation getaway spot. A guest cottage. Or even a new office.

Although a conference room might be tough to arrange.

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