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We’re sorry to tell you this, but Kitchen LTO closed on Saturday.

Sad, we know.

But there’s no point in crying over it because, well, it’s already back.

And it brought short ribs.

Reintroduce yourself to Kitchen LTO, Trinity Groves’ “limited-time only” pop-up that just... popped up with a new chef, new menu and new look. It’s now open for your inspection.

What’s Out
The chef, for starters. Over the past four months, Norman Grimm made you things like branzino and quail. It was nice, but he’s gone now. Also, that bright-orange back wall with the multicolored panels is gone, too. You’re actually fine with that one.

What’s In
Chef Eric Shelton. So naturally, you’ll want to stop by to say hello. Or skip the hello and move straight to the salmon BLT and gin-glazed short ribs. He won’t mind. And when you sit down at one of those dark wooden tables, you’ll notice the interior’s a bit different, too. Black walls, new art and a more minimalist feel. Which means fewer distractions from what’s important. Asian chicken meatballs come to mind.

What’s Next
No idea, but give it four months, and in goes another entirely different concept.

Probably not a lemonade stand.


Kitchen LTO
3011 Gulden Ln, Ste 108
Dallas, TX, 75212


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