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Five Hot Cocktails to Try Now

The winter of 2013-14. She’s a mean one. They’ll probably write songs about her. As for you, you have choices: you could just wrap yourself in your favorite sheepskin and hibernate until March 20. Or, if you must venture out, you should warm yourself. From within. With drinks like these...

Espresso. Spiked. And Spanish.

Espresso. Spiked. And Spanish.

Where: Estadio.
Made with: Espresso, milk, almond extract and orange brandy.
Pairs well with: The graveyard shift.

The Quatrofiasco, $9, Estadio, 1520 14th St NW, 202-319-1404

A Whole Pitcher of Hot Chocolate

A Whole Pitcher of Hot Chocolate

Where: Oyamel.
Made with: Oaxacan chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, steamed milk... and the booze of your choice (though mezcal and Patrón XO seem to be the front-runners).
Pairs well with: Other people.

A Drink Made with Actual Fire

A Drink Made with Actual Fire

Where: Range.
Made with: Smith & Cross rum, green Chartreuse (which they have on tap) and fire, which lets your bartender pour the flaming concoction from one pewter mug to another.
Pairs well with: Flame-retardant clothing.

The Blazed Abbott, $12, Range, 5335 Wisconsin Ave NW, Ste 201, 202-803-8020

A Next-Level Hot Chocolate

A Next-Level Hot Chocolate

Where: Poste.
Made with: Chili, spices, chocolate, Grand Marnier, whiskey and housemade amaretto whipped marshmallow.
Pairs well with: A blanket and a fire pit (they have those as well).

Mulled Wine, Scandinavian-Style

Mulled Wine, Scandinavian-Style

Where: Room 11.
Made with: Red wine and a Scandinavian-style blend of orange peel, candied ginger, cinnamon, clove and cardamom.
Pairs well with: A trek across a Norwegian glacier. Or a Friday night date.

Glögg, $9, Room 11, 3234 11th St NW, 202-332-3234

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