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Four Ways to Use Imperia Restaurant & Lounge

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Wheatgrass shots.

Tequila shots.

Taking them are two very different activities.

And taking them in two different places is... a completely inefficient use of your time.

Well, good news: you’re about to get really efficient.

Thanks to Imperia Restaurant & Lounge, a testament to the crazy brilliance of putting a juice bar, restaurant and nightclub all in one Downtown building. It’s opening tonight, and here are four ways to approach it, by the hour.

6pm: Dinner and drinks after work. Posthaste.
Yep, there’s a restaurant here helmed by a Peter Luger vet. It’s got cocktails, shrimp empanadas and 16-ounce ribeyes. All at your disposal.

10pm: Comfortably kicking back for a bit.
There’s a lounge for that. And it’s all decked out in leather banquettes and shades of plum, black and silver. It’s where you’ll continue the night’s festivities with a bottle of bubbly before...

2am: You’re up all night to get lucky.
You can thank the bi-level nightclub for that. There’s a seriously over-the-top sound system. Two bars. And DJs spinning until 5am for up to 1,200 people. Okay, maybe 1,201.

11am: The morning-after recovery.
Head to the back entrance. That’s where you’ll find the garden/juice bar and fill up on pressed juices and quinoa salads. You know, real health-restoring type of stuff.

So don’t forget the chaser of vodka.

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