Things to do for January 30, 2014

The Weekender

Beer Corn Dogs, All-Day Brunch and Stevie Wonder

The weekend is the Super Bowl of weeks.

The Beehive Gets Stevie Wondered

The Beehive Gets Stevie Wondered

If you’d love to hear some Stevie Wonder songs this weekend, you have three ways to deal with that:
1) Spotify.
2) A live tribute from funk-jazz group the Funky AB’s at the Beehive.
3) Sing to yourself.
Option 3 works best if you’re Stevie Wonder. Otherwise, stick with option 2.

Jan 30, 9:30pm-1am, The Beehive, 541 Tremont St, 617-423-0069

Ramen + Burger = Ramen Burger

Ramen + Burger = Ramen Burger

You’ve heard rumors that somewhere, someone was putting beef patties and kimchi between buns composed entirely of ramen noodles. And selling them from a new Asian-inspired burger joint in Allston called Ki Bistro. Well, it’s all true. Especially the ramen burger part. We checked. With our mouths.

Now open, Ki Bistro, 270 Babcock St, Allston, 617-208-6922

An All-Day Super Bowl Brunch at Ducali

An All-Day Super Bowl Brunch at Ducali

Pop quiz: What are the three best things in America? If you said “the Super Bowl,” “all-day brunch” and “breakfast pizza,” you are both correct and probably about to be at Ducali’s daylong brunch in honor of Super Bowl Sunday. So... that’s your prize for answering correctly.

Super-Bowling with Beer Corn Dogs

Super-Bowling with Beer Corn Dogs

All you need to do Sunday is find someplace with the game on. But if it happens to be a bar/restaurant/music venue with Narragansett corn dogs, Thai chicken wings and beer-cheese nachos, well, that would be appreciated. And at the Sinclair. Which seems important to mention.

Noon to the end of the game, The Sinclair, 52 Church St, Cambridge, 617-547-5200

Winter Is Not Great. Ramen Is Great.

Winter Is Not Great. Ramen Is Great.

In case you haven’t heard, winter’s been brutal. So brutal that otherwise BBQ joint Sweet Cheeks had no choice but to bring back its house ramen, available now for exactly one hour each Monday night. Yes, there are Mondays after football season now.

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