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Huge day for sports coming up. Not sure if you heard.

There will be intense rivalries discussed. There will be staggering quantities of red meat. Most importantly, there will be beer.

Right, Tuesday’s the day that City Tavern opens in a Downtown courtyard at Figat7th, with a half-dozen screens that’ll show big games, the Olympics, all that.

Sorry if you thought we were talking about Super Bowl Sunday or something.

Anyway, here you have a beautiful place of imbibement that’s twice the size of the Culver City original—with enough bare bricks and reclaimed wood to conform to Downtown Gastropub Reclaimed-Wood Zoning Code C3.7. It’s all just past the narrow patio out front with the view of Target shoppers. Can’t miss it.

And that big shiny bar: it has post-work IPAs written all over it. So you’ll sit there. You’ll discuss televised athletics with friends and strangers over pastrami-topped burgers or shrimp and grits with a stout reduction. You’ll create brackets involving the 28 draft beers in play. Maybe you won’t do that.

You could actually skip the beer quandary entirely. Because a couple of former Cole’s bartenders have some barrel-aged martinis for you.

And technically for some other people, too.


City Tavern
735 S Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA, 90017


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