Breaking Dawn

Beautiful Women Bathed in Sunlight. Interested?

5 Photos Gone by Dawn
None 5 Photos Gone by Dawn
1. You’re in need of consolation after today’s apocalyptic Gmail outage.

2. You’re researching Terrence Malick’s effect on a new generation of photographers.

3. You’re studying the therapeutic effect of warm sunlight on bare skin. For science.

4. You’re... out of excuses for looking at nice photos of natural-looking and nearly naked women.

Turn the page to Gone by Dawn, a new book by Silver Lake photographer Mark Rubenstein that bravely tackles the subject of ladies basking in natural light (and little clothing), available now at Opening Ceremony and Hemingway and Pickett.

If the PG-13 section of your coffee table has an open slot for a svelte 43-pager devoted to such topics, you’ll want to grab this book immediately—no, really, because only 100 copies of this book exist. And Rubenstein’s a bit of an anomaly as far as LA photographers go—he shoots his subjects on 35mm film using real light, rather than just photoshopping the hell out of every girl he meets.

About those girls: they’re mostly Rubenstein’s friends and acquaintances, so he’s a man with excellent taste in acquaintances. He’d tell you he was majorly influenced by cinema generally and Terrence Malick specifically, which is funny. Because you’re majorly influenced by books about beautiful women in sunlight.

Small world.

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