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Hot Chocolate Buns. Pretzel Buns. Just... Buns.

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“My anaconda don’t want none
Unless you’ve got buns, hun.”
—Sir Mix-A-Lot

Yep, the anacondas have spoken. Buns. You’ve got to have them.

Specifically at Buns & Buns, a new home for the holy union of freshly baked bread and grilled meats, now soft-open for dinner in South Miami.

Ina Garten’s kitchen: the version you’d actually want to hang out in. That’s what you’ve got here. Warm, oversize lights. White brick walls. Shelves lined with knickknacks from the owners’ travels. But also: a bull’s-eye painted on the wall with meat cleavers hacked into it that reads: “Drunken Chefs Game.” Funny guys here...

... who are pretty serious about sandwiches. The idea: build your own by matching different buns with grilled fillings. Like their cheese naan with pork belly in bourbon. Or the pretzel bun with chicken thighs marinated in dark beer. Any of which’ll go down nicely with a pint of Wynwood Brewing’s La Rubia.

But if you’re not quite done carbo-loading (you know, for that big race... someday), you’ll want to get dessert. Go with the Hot Chocolate Buns or The Lost Bun—that’s oven-baked brioche pudding with streusel in a drunken sauce.

Always carbo-load under the influence.

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