Saved by the Bellevue

Fondue. Ice Grotto. 1942 Harley. Switzerland.

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Switzerland sure has a lot of fancy old castles.

But for now, let’s focus on the one with 10,000 bottles of wine and a vintage Bentley that you can borrow.

Behold Le Grand Bellevue, a 102-year-old palace in the traditional Swiss village of Gstaad with lots of not-so-traditional things like DJs and sake on tap, taking reservations now after a yearlong renovation.

Before you go, throw the following in your suitcase...

A rubber duckie: Because you’re checking into the Suite Etoile. Inside: just you and someone whose name contains umlauts basking in a glass-roofed hot tub. No, really. It has that.

Your finest robe: For padding around the spa’s Himalayan salt room, Finnish sauna, ice grotto and hammam. It’s basically the leisure Olympics.

A tiny fork: To spear dried ham or dip bread into truffle fondue at Le Petit Chalet. It’s their private dining room. And it’s actually in the forest. Which is simply the Swiss-est thing ever.

A leather jacket: For when you borrow their 1942 Harley. Or the vintage Bentley, if you prefer. And you do.

A compass: At some point, you’ll want to hike around the surrounding forest. Maybe even do a little skiing. And getting lost would be ill-advised.

Just ask Hansel and Gretel.

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