Like El It Is

The Jewish-Latin Food Truck

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Salma Hayekstein.

Fiddler on the Techo.


Brisket burritos.

Some collaborations just work.

Create a new genre for El Ñosh, a forward-thinking food truck that’s merging south-of-the-border staples with... Jewish deli, hitting the streets starting this Friday.

Not a whole lot to figure out here. You’ve got a Latin chef (Roberto Treviño) and a Jewish Eric Greenspan (of Foundry fame), and this is their truck. It’s teal. It makes things like smoked-salmon cream cheese quesadillas, yucca latkes and whitefish-salad tortitas. So, yeah, this’ll be a welcome addition to your life.

We’re thinking you’ll want to seek this sort of stuff out at the start of your evening. Good pre-bar food. Just track the truck on Twitter, approach the window and ask for a burrito. Here it comes filled with chocolate mole, crushed peanuts, carrot tzimmes and slow-roasted brisket.

Bubby reluctantly approves.

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