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A Parisian Pastry Legend Lands at the Webster

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We’re not saying that chocolate will smooth things over for the president of France right now.

But we are saying, well... this is some damn good chocolate.

Where you’ll find it: Hugo & Victor at the Webster, a celebrated Parisian pastry shop launching its first stateside outpost in South Beach, now open.

Meet Hugues. He’s one half of the “Hugo & Victor.” If you’re in the market for cheesecake and artful domes of chocolate, he is your man. After working as the pastry chef for Guy Savoy and being crowned the “Dessert Champion of France,” he and a childhood friend decided to launch a pastry empire. First: France. Now: South Beach. Makes sense.

So, Valentine’s Day. That’s the obvious play here. They’ve got books of caramel-filled chocolates that’ve been infused with seasonal flavors. Things like strawberry. Which... chocolate and strawberry. Word has it that dates like that sort of thing.

Now, say you’re on the beach and want dessert for lunch. Slide into one of the white linen chairs and queue up a grapefruit tart with a cup of their signature black tea. But say you want dessert for... dessert. Go with the pastry and wine pairing.

Then, go with... the gym.


Hugo & Victor at the Webster
1220 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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