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You may recall Azur, the seafood spot that took over the Café Atlántico. Then again, you may not, because it didn’t last long. In its place, the chef has constructed something of a Swiss Army knife of concepts—Menu/MBK, a market, bar, bistro and chef’s table all under one roof. Why, you could do just about anything in here.


Upgrade your usual coffee shop routine. Walk into the bistro. Yeah, there’s old brick. And older wood. There’s also a coffee station, sandwiches and sticky buns. Grab one of each and—oh, why not—a stick of locally made salami. Then take them upstairs and have your run of the bistro (and the wi-fi) on the third and fourth floors.

Dig into after-work veal meatballs. They’ll be in that same bistro, starting next week. Along with cauliflower panna cotta and butter-poached lobster.

Forage for date night at your place. When the pressure’s on, you’ll hit the market for cheeses, racks of beer and wine, and fully prepared dishes like beef bourguignon.

Go all epicurean. That six-seat bar that you pass on the way to the bistro... in about a month, it will host multicourse chef’s tasting menus, using ingredients from the market. What this means: everything from eel to winter stews, each paired with a Belgian-style beer.

We know. We had you at “eel.”


405 8th St NW
Washington, DC, 20004


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