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Once a Month, This Night Will Exist

None There’s this clinical research study that we think you’d be perfect for.

Except it’s not a clinical research study. It’s a new supper club that takes place in locations that only a few other souls will ever know about.

Still, that really worked out...

Pull up a seat at the Dogwood Table, a monthly roving supper club that sets up four-course, wine-paired dinners in places like dark basements and industrial galleries, accepting email requests for early-access invites to February’s dinner now.

First, meet Jared Hucks (he travels the world with Michelin-starred chefs) and Adam Fox (a former bartender and current sommelier). You’ll like these guys. Promise.

Think about lining up a date for the February seating now (January’s is sold out, but you were busy anyway). You’ll start with snacks and drinks (pork belly and rye-and-absinthe cocktails: not out of the question) before sitting down with a dozen or so strangers. Then the coursed things will start arriving. Things not unlike steamed littleneck clams, stuffed pork loin and popcorn ice cream.

They’re kind of all over the map future-location-wise, but there’s been talk of a Cabbagetown studio and the old PushStart spot at the Goat Farm.

Nice map, though.

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