Hot Chocolate Bomb

Served Up

A Bomb That’s Both Harmless and Delicious

You’ve got 10 seconds to list some things that could improve upon hot chocolate.

Ready: go.



The only correct answer is turning it into a Hot Chocolate Bomb, a marshmallow-filled chocolate ball that explodes in your glass after a bunch of steamed milk and booze is poured all over it, available now at Park 75 in the Four Seasons.

Right now, it’s colder here than it is in Denver. And you’re not okay with that. No one’s okay with that. Then again… it’s keeping this town’s hot chocolate game on its toes. So there’s that.

Your marching orders go thusly: 1) Go to Park 75. 2) Make your excited face. 3) Watch as your server sets a glass before you with that chocolate ball in it and proceeds to pour hot milk on it. In seconds, the housemade cocoa powder and marshmallows burst into the milk. Fireworks go off in your head. You almost sing a Trace Adkins song.

Oh, and you’ll want to request the off-menu version. Because that’s the version where they also pour Drambuie onto the thing.

You thought they might.


Hot Chocolate Bomb
available at Park 75 at Four Seasons
75 14th St NE
Atlanta, GA, 30309

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