Who’s the Man

A General Collection of American Excellence


Sorry, just getting you warmed up for the Olympics.

And your new socks, belt and beef jerky.

Pledge your allegiance to Manready Mercantile, a highly curated collection of American-made handsome (and yeah, jerky), online now.

It’s the kind of site that stocks the kind of stuff that makes you proud to be... a person who has a reliable Internet connection. Vintage Red Wing boots from Minnesota. Horween wallets from Chicago. Tubs of beeswax-and-coconut-oil hand salve from Houston. An axe. Actually, several axes.

Also, it’s the kind of site that takes a bunch of Texas beef, soaks it in some Bulleit, smokes it with pecan wood and then dries it to make bourbon-soaked jerky. And then sells that jerky in individual little burlap sacks.

Tastes like freedom.

The jerky, not the burlap sack.

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