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Wood-Fired Pizzas from a Freight Truck

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Let’s be honest.

If you got word of good pizza in a treacherous back alley, well, you’d go to a treacherous back alley.

So dropping by a converted Freightliner in Uptown isn’t asking much.

Start tracking the whereabouts of BellaTrino Neapolitan Pizzeria & Cucina, a massive truck turned glass-walled pizzamobile that’s cooking up wood-fired pies for your general enjoyment, now rolling.

You’re familiar with the average food truck. This isn’t the average food truck. Because this one’s sporting a full kitchen with a brick oven that’ll reach 1,000 degrees. And it’s lined with glass walls, so you can supervise the chefs as they bake up Italy’s chief export in about 60 seconds.

To find these guys, just drive in concentric circles with your head out the window until you’re smelling freshly charred crust. Or... consult their website. It’ll tell you that they’re slinging margherita pizzas outside Vino 100 tonight. And that this Friday and Saturday, they’re curbside at Routh and McKinney until 3am. Pizza at 3am... you might be interested.

And once you’re there, you’ll find chairs pulled up to the truck’s built-in countertops so you can relax while watching a game on their big TVs.

Or if it’s 3am: infomercials.

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