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Roberto Cavalli Has a Restaurant in SoBe

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If the clothes make the man...

And the designer who makes the clothes also turns out an outstanding risotto...

Then it stands to reason...

By “X + Y, then Z” logic...

That... well, we have no idea. But risotto sounds really solid right about now.

Casually air-kiss Cavalli Miami, a two-level villa for Tuscan delights and scene-y nights from, yes, Mr. Roberto Cavalli, now open in South Beach.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Mr. Cavalli: Italian fashion designer. Makes a killer suit. Dabbles in vodka. Well, this is his. Big, bold and very Italian. As in plates of osso buco Milanese and octopus drizzled in Tuscan oil—that kind of very Italian.

You and a flock of sharply outfitted friends will arrive at the door, reservations already in place, and scan the room. Zebra- and jaguar-print chairs: check. Floral-patterned tablecloths from Cavalli’s home line: of course. And yes, those are photos of the designer posing with models. They recommend gnocchi, by the way.

Now, at a certain point, you’ll want something less... dinner-y. Something with a DJ. Dim lights. Drinks. Your move: the second-floor lounge where you’ll sip on cocktails made with the designer’s self-titled vodka.

Runway experience not required.


Cavalli Miami
150 Ocean Dr
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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