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Duck Confit and Art in Wynwood

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Art. Apparently, it’s a subjective thing.

Short ribs. Apparently, they are, too.


Or just enjoy their harmonious intersection at R House, an art gallery in the guise of a short-rib-serving, bourbon-infusing dinner spot, opening Thursday in Wynwood.

Art in Wynwood. Imagine that. Look, you can’t exactly blame these guys for using the obvious to their advantage. And that’s pretty much what they’ve done. The murals on the outside: courtesy of local street artists. The art hanging on movable steel frames on the inside: curated by a Wynwood gallery. You get the idea.

So, say you’re getting an early start on Second Saturday. Grab a seat at one of the wooden tables and fuel up for a long night of art and crowd-surfing with duck confit spring rolls and coffee-chili-powder braised short rib.

But... things happen. You ran out of gas. You over-disco-napped. Your dog ate your horn-rimmed glasses. And now you’re stuck behind the gratis-wine-slugging mobs that take over Second Saturdays. This calls for drinks. Good ones. Like an R House Margarita with jalapeño-infused tequila or a berry-infused bourbon. That’s what they serve in the lounge here. Until 3am.

And they say nothing good happens after 2am...

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