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For Sale: A Home That Looks Like the Alamo

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It’s Friday. Let’s get all wild and crazy and impulsive and reckless and buy a house that looks like the Alamo’s stunt double.

Yes, you read that right.

Let your mailman know you’re moving to The Alamo House, a Central Texas estate that’s identical to the famous San Antonio mission.

Before you enter into escrow, let’s review the numbers...

Asking price: $1.35 million
Year built: 2007
Percentage the exterior resembles the actual Alamo: 100%
Percentage the interior resembles the actual Alamo: 0% (indoor plumbing and electricity: check)
Square footage of hardwood floors, gourmet kitchens and media rooms for staging elaborate Alamo reenactments: 6,553
Aboveground spas for recuperating: 1
Number of bedrooms: 4
Number of bathrooms: 5
Massive terraces with a view of the rolling Hill Country/encroaching armies: 1
Cars you can fit in the garage: 4
Cannons you can fit in the garage: let’s say 8
Elevators for moving between floors: 1
Elevator attendants who come with the property: 0 (you’ll have to hire your own)
Percent chance you’ll call him Davy: > 99

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