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If you’re on a call right now—doesn’t matter who with (a client, your mom, Miss Cleo)—hang up mid-sentence.

Now call 404-554-9995 and ask the voice on the other end to make you a reservation for two.

Then please hold for St. Cecilia, Ford Fry’s latest invention that takes the best parts of the European coasts and turns them into fernet-and-Coke cocktails, lobster ravioli and other things people like to eat and drink over there, opening Monday in Buckhead’s Pinnacle Building.

If Bacchus commissioned a restaurant to comfortably dine with mortals in, it would be this one. Giant Romanesque columns. Soaring floor-to-ceiling windows. Gold mixed in everywhere (bar rails, wall-mounted desk lamps, an old vintage scale on a shelf).

It’s huge, too. Eleven-thousand-square-feet huge. So on your first trip, ease into things with an entry-level date scenario. Nothing crazy. Table for two. Bottle of cava. Few Nantucket Bay scallops to start. Maybe some veal rib chops to finish. General water-testing stuff.

But that’s your first trip. Feel free to venture out from there. You could sit at a stone chef’s table by the crudo bar or reserve the private room covered in European beach photos upstairs.

Holy sh*t, it’s got an upstairs.


St. Cecilia
3455 Peachtree Rd NE
Atlanta, GA, 30326


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