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Midtown Gets a Legit Chinese Joint

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We saw that tattooed on someone. It means “feed the soul.”

Or... “pork fried rice.” We’re not really sure.

Either way, it’s a good thing to have in your back pocket at this place: Blackbrick Chinese, a tasty little spin on wonton soup and fried rice from the force behind Sakaya Kitchen, now open in Midtown.

Richard Hales. He’s the guy behind Sakaya and Dim Ssäm à Gogo. Safe to say he’s done a solid job with the whole quick-and-delicious Asian food thing. So if anyone’s going to fill the old Acme space with quick-and-delicious Chinese fare, it’s him.

Now, there’s a couple ways you can go here:

1) The wok bar. For a working lunch. Grab a seat, sip some tea and watch as the chefs work over your duck fried rice.

But say it’s Saturday. 1am. You’ve just left a bar with a ravenous co-tippler. That’s when you’ll want...

2) The banquette lining the black brick wall. The one with portraits of Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris. Here you’ll stave off your hangover with cumin lamb dumplings and a scoop of peanut-butter-sriracha ice cream topped with a homemade fortune cookie.

Made with Chuck Norris’s tears.


Blackbrick Chinese
3451 NE 1st Ave #103
Miami, FL, 33137


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