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A Henderson Date Spot for Oysters and Steaks

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2014. 2013. 1914.

Doesn’t matter the year. People always need places to eat dinner and go on dates.

Politely pull out a chair for someone at Gemma, a promising new date spot from a couple of Napa Valley expats that you’ll enlist for oysters and wine, now open on Henderson Ave.

This place has a real Hamptons-in-the-summer vibe. Which... pretty nice mental image right about now. Anyway, we’re talking whitewashed bricks, gray-blue woods and lamps hanging from knotted ropes. That’ll set a mood/help you physically see your lamb pappardelle and striped bass.

Okay, first order of business: finding a suitable companion for the evening. One who appreciates sipping sauvignon blanc on tap at a white marble bar. One who looks good across a two-top and doesn’t monopolize the littleneck clams with coconut-lemongrass broth. One who... anyway, you get the point. Hopefully you’ve got someone in mind.

And in the event that you’ve got two someones in mind and double-book yourself for the evening, well, you can always space things out and take advantage of the fact that they’re serving here until 1am.

That seems like a plan that’ll end well.

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