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You: cold.

Steamed buns: warm.

Listen, it’s not rocket science...

Cross the bridge for Chino Chinatown, Trinity Groves’ newest inhabitant and one you’ll visit for Latin-Asian-fusion dinners and cocktails on tap, now open.

Inside, it’s kind of like a Chinese junk boat. Assuming you focus on the heavy wooden tables and the red ropes draped across the ceiling and ignore the handsome square bar and open window looking into the kitchen.

So, it’s the first Monday of 2014... It’s freezing outside and you’re back at work. Right, this calls for drinks. Probably several. Go ahead and grab a red bar stool, a Japanese beer or a Madeira sangaree (brandy, coriander, lemon, port) as you lock eyes with the sultry, tattooed woman staring back at you. She’s a wall mural. Don’t make it weird.

But do order a round of steamed buns and a lobster shooter. Same goes for the sriracha-spiked elotes and the Phozole. That’s pho combined with pozole. That’s fusion.

And come January 26, Chino launches dim sum brunch. Which means your Sundays will soon be filled with rolling carts of chorizo egg rolls and other midday snacks.

Watch your elbows.


Chino Chinatown
3011 Gulden Ln, Ste 110
Dallas, TX, 75212


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