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Steaks and a Fireplace. ’Tis the Season.

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When it’s 20-something degrees out, your priorities become clear.

1) Find a fireplace.
2) Find a medium-rare steak.
3) Find scotch.

So... new priority:

1) Find Cuts Steakhouse, a place that has a fireplace. And steak. And scotch. And that soft-opens for dinner tomorrow night in Downtown.

It’s like the steakhouse version of your dream bomb shelter in here. There’s a fireplace in the wall. Plenty of flat-screens. A back dining room giant enough for you and all your friends/clients/snowball-fighting league (hey, flurries work).

Basically, anyone who appreciates places with beaded curtains instead of walls, random Sade albums playing in the background and three-sided bars that serve drinks with alcohol in them.

Find that bar. Have a finger of scotch. Then, when you’re damn good and ready, hit the tufted gray booth under the wall of ceramic deer heads. Can’t miss it. It’ll be the tufted gray booth under the wall of ceramic deer heads.

And it’s the perfect place for what’s about to transpire. Which is to say, the rather indelicate consumption of teriyaki ribeyes and New York strips and slow-roasted pork ribs drenched in hickory barbecue sauce.

We’ll ride this winter thing out together.


Cuts Steakhouse
60 Andrew Young International Blvd NE
Atlanta, GA, 30303


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