Just Say No

A Ton of Beautiful Nothingness in Portugal

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The post-holiday blues.

The bad news: they’re real.

The good news: so is this place...

Reenter the vacation zone at Cabanas No Rio, two tiny yet well-appointed huts located on a beautifully remote strip of beach in Portugal, taking reservations now.

This is pretty much the definition of “getting away from it all.” You’ve got two wooden fishing huts at your disposal in which to embark on a self-imposed exile. Your company: nothing but the Atlantic Ocean, some voyeuristic seagulls and maybe someone who doesn’t mind voyeuristic seagulls.

Go ahead, take the grand tour: there’s the shack with your bed. There’s the other shack with your kitchen and outdoor shower. There’s your endless expanse of white sand and saltwater. Yep, that’s the tour. And since your only neighbors are flamingos and dolphins, no worries about claiming a beach chair.

You’ll spend your days kayaking, cloud watching and riding white stallions in slow motion (well, maybe). As for nightlife: well, you might need to get creative. Build a fire. Gaze at some stars. Do things you wouldn’t normally do on beaches.

Most beaches, anyway.

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