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Stoney’s Takes Its Act Downtown

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Sometimes you run into familiar things where you don’t quite expect them.

No, not like finding yourself picking up your dry cleaning next to Hillary Clinton. More like walking past a downtown office building and looking into a Stoney’s.

Yup, that Stoney’s. Only this time we’re talking about Stoney’s on L, an only-slightly-more-refined version of the original, which just opened a couple hours ago.

This place isn’t unfamiliar, but they’ve embraced the whole downtown thing, too: there’s a mural featuring recent presidents. Subway tile behind the bar. A cocktail list (nothing crazy, a couple rickeys, a Manhattan spiked with port). There are also outlets and USB chargers at almost every bar stool.

So yes, you should totally invent some off-site meeting and take your lunch here, sampling five kinds of grilled cheese and four kinds of mac and cheese (though maybe not all at once).

But come back on the weekend, because the bar gives plenty of vantage points to the TVs. Also to the 24 taps, home to beers from Idaho and Georgia that you don’t normally see around here. The better to attack your Boss of the Sauce burger, topped with pastrami, bacon and slaw.

That’s why the games are three hours.

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