Rare by Drai’s

Livin’ on a Rare

Victor Drai’s Sunset Shrine to Red Meat

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Ribeye on a Sunset Strip patio:

Yeah, you’ve heard that story before.

But it’s so compelling. Every time, you need to know how the story ends...

Consider the prologue of Rare by Drai’s, Sunset Plaza’s ornate new chateau of red meat and spicy drinks, opening tomorrow in West Hollywood from Vegas nightlife overlord Victor Drai.

If you’ve got a script sitting around about Dracula’s cougar stepmom, here’s where to sell it: a black-and-red-velvet hideaway heavy on oil paintings, fireplace candles and floral-print chairs. In a dark, dark corner, you could be fooled into thinking it’s winter. And it is, sort of.

So your date might want a light jacket when you cut through all that and lead the way to the Sunset-facing patio. Start with an unusual drink from a Library Bar vet—think arbol-chili-infused St-Germain, with tequila and flavored ice cubes that slowly release rosemary and lemon into the mix. Neat.

Then there will be Wagyu ribeye and prime New York strip. There will be lobster tails and there will be rack of...

Well, let’s just assume you know how steakhouses work.

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