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Bocce. Salumi. Aged Negronis. Here.

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There’s no shortage of official sports around town.

Let’s see, we’ve got...

Football. Basketball. Underwater leg wrestling.

But there’s one fine sport that’s somehow managed to elude our fair city...

That all changes with Bocce Bar, a rustic osteria for meandering nights of bocce, barrel-aged Negronis and shared antipasti, opening tonight in Midtown.

This place has made itself at home in the old Sustain space. And it’s from the crew behind Sugarcane, so expect some pretty knockout tapas. This time, though, they’ve gone old-world Italian—floor mosaics made from antique European tiles, vintage mirrors, rust-colored light fixtures. And yes, that includes installing the city’s first official bocce court. Finally.

After-work drinks. Dinner. Both options work here. Just make sure you’ve got a good group with you. Ease up to the bar and get familiar with the Bocce Ball (Amaretti di Bocce, mandarin vodka, orange, almond and soda). Allegedly, it helps with hand-eye coordination on the bocce court out front. Allegedly.

Anyway, once you’ve worked up an appetite knocking around a few balls, grab one of the reclaimed wood tables inside and refuel with small plates of housemade lamb mortadella, burrata cheese and delicate orecchiette.

Which is like an Italian’s energy bar.

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