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Solar-Powered Tents That Charge Things

Quarterly Evaluation Report. Employee: The Sun.

Hello, the sun. Glad you could make it.

While we’ve noticed you’ve let it get pretty brisk out there, we’ve also noticed that it’s because of you that tents are now capable of charging our electronic devices.

So, overall, fine job. Carry on.

As for the rest of you, bask in the rays of Bang Bang Tents, a Technicolor mélange of solar-powered tents that harness the sun’s energy to charge your laptop, phone and anything else you’d rather not go camping without, available online now.

If Al Gore, Ron Swanson and the artist behind those optical illusion books traded notes, these things would most likely be the result. They’re just like solar-powered homes. Only they look like inside-out kaleidoscopes. And they’re tents, not homes. Minor things.

All the hardware you’ll need is included: a little solar panel, charging adapters and a storage bank (it’s like a battery pack). So the next time you’re out doing some not-aggressive camping, slip the solar panel into the pocket, plug it into the pre-charged storage bank and there you go... endless charging power. Unless the sun burns out.

Then it’s not going to work.

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