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Here, Have a Sexy Indian Spot in Midtown

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We need to talk about a new high-rise apartment building in Midtown.

Specifically, about all the curry and bourbon that’s about to be placed in the ground floor of it.

See yourself to Tabla, an aesthetically agreeable Indian restaurant that’s pro all things lamb shank and the drawn-out afternoons that are about to revolve around it, opening for lunch tomorrow (and dinner next week) on 12th Street.

When you think about Indian beer and samosas, chances are you don’t picture consuming them somewhere like this. Unless you picture a metallic backlit bar, illuminated bubbles dangling from the ceiling and white leather chairs dotting a small, sexy dining room. In which case, we like your mind’s style.

You’ll step directly into a little lounge. Take a moment to think things over. If it’s dark out, maybe stay right there (after the liquor license goes through, that is). But if you’re entertaining at lunch, opt for a table near the windowed kitchen instead. Lord over the preparation of your red-wine-vinegar-marinated leg of lamb. Nod. Wink. Laugh maniacally if there’s time.

And that liquor license. Once it’s in place, try the Chai Old Fashioned with chai-infused bourbon and chai syrup. It’s kind of like a chai tea.

Minus the health.

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