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Classy Leather Bags in Gleaming Bakery Cases

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Think about your next trip from the TSA’s point of view.

They’ve got it pretty tough.

Your beautiful new duffel bag is rolling majestically toward them on a conveyor, and gently caressing it would be so unprofessional...

Pack up for Ghurka, the new gallery of esteemed duffels and briefcases that should last a good century or two, now open on Post just in time for your holiday travels.

Looks like an old library in here... with a bunch of bakery cases... with bags inside. Yup, just like an old library. Lots of typewriters and globes and pendant lights and, most notably, all those handmade bags.

We almost forgot: congratulations are in order. Because you now live near one of only three places in the country where you can see everything Ghurka’s got—from the new Cavalier II No. 97 duffel in fawn suede to the classic Kilburn II No. 156 leather suitcase. You can’t look at a leather suitcase like this and then go back to a world in which you don’t have a leather suitcase.

This place also has good gift-y non-bags—think wallets, umbrellas, dog collars and watch holders. And golf clubs.

Hard to imagine what you’d ever do with those.


245 Post St
(near Grant)
San Francisco, CA, 94108


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