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Ketchup-Leather-Topped Burgers, Now on Fairfax

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Here’s the golden rule for ensuring a good sequel:

Keep it simple. If the people liked the ketchup leather in the original, give ’em a hell of a lot more ketchup leather next time.

In a world... where Plan Check already existed... comes a bigger, bolder hall of ketchup-leather-topped burgers and chipotle-tequila cocktails, opening Friday at a Fairfax near you.

This Plan Check is about twice the size of the original Plan Check—and it’s about equidistant from Melrose shopping and Grove shopping. So while other people do that shopping, you’ll come here and see the huge open windows connecting the street to the concrete-floored cavern of wood-topped communals and steel girders beyond.

You know what you’re getting here: smoky fried chicken or one of those burgers topped with pig candy and innovative, bun-preserving ketchup leather. But if you must try something new this time around, here, have some salmon pastrami. Yes, they just said salmon pastrami.

But more importantly, Matt Biancaniello invented a bunch of new cocktails for you this time. Yup, that could mean you’ve got a leisurely evening of chipotle tequila in store—mixed with Indonesian rum, passion fruit and ghost-pepper salt—or maybe even some fish-flake-infused whiskey.

Few are the men you’d trust to fish-flake-infuse some whiskey.

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