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Four Things to Know About Bobby’s Burger Palace

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Bobby Flay’s not that different from you.

He’s won a James Beard award and hosts a bunch of Food Network shows.



Burgers. He likes cooking them. You like eating them.

That’s what’s important here.

Because Bobby’s Burger Palace has just opened its first Miami outpost. And here are four critical things you need to know.

You should really like burgers.
Because the whole place looks like one. Brown-and-mustard-yellow walls. Orange tiling. And green leather swivel seats lining a wavy 47-seat communal counter. Pass your neighbor the ketchup already.

No, seriously. You should really, really like burgers.
They make up about 80% of the menu here. Like the Miami Burger with pressed ham, swiss and mustard. Oh, and you’ll want to use the “crunchified” command. That gets your burger topped with a healthy dose of potato chips. Powerful stuff, that.

They’ve got beer and wine to go with your patty.
But not for a couple of weeks. Until then, you’ll have to make do with a milkshake. Dark chocolate, pistachio, coconut—you’ve got 10 of them at your disposal.

You can do the online-ordering thing here for pickup.
Which might be a good option until they’ve got the beer situation ironed out.

Or until you’ve got that House of Cards–marathon situation ironed out.


Bobby’s Burger Palace
in Dadeland Mall
7535 N Kendall Dr
Miami, FL, 33156


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