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Going All Whiskey and Pork at Trinity Groves

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Oh, that sneaky Trinity Groves.

Turn your back on it for even a moment, and you could miss something important.

Like a plate of pork shanks.

Embrace the assonance of Resto Gastro Bistro, Trinity Groves’ newest tenant and the spot you’re eating dinner at tonight, now open.

First thing you’ll notice: wood. Lots of it. The tables, the chairs, the bar... it’s everywhere. Throw in a few antique chandeliers and blue stools, and you’ve got what some might refer to as a rustic-farmhouse vibe. And others might refer to as a perfectly good place to eat veal cheeks.

You’ll come here on a date and start with a round of Nismos (bourbon, yuzu, bitters and ginger with a merlot float). Next, you’ll split an order of the pork belly with figs in a sherry gastrique. Then you’ll have a long discussion about the word “gastrique.” And finally, you’ll eat short ribs.

Now, for lunch, you’ll have to wait a few weeks. But it’s coming. And when it arrives, you can start spending your afternoons with pancetta-topped burgers and deep-fried lobster-tail corn dogs.

So, not what you ate at the fair.

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