December in Manhattan

Bourbon Revival

Getting Massaged with Manhattans

None You know how the holidays occasionally make you crazy...

Well, here’s the antidote.

(Why, yes, it does involve bourbon. Good guess.)

Disrobe for December in Manhattan, a new venture on the whiskey-related relaxation front that’ll have you exfoliated and rubbed down with your favorite Manhattan-cocktail components, available through December 31 at Hiatus Spa + Retreat.

Swedish massages. Deep-tissue massages. Hot-stone massages. Nothing wrong with any of those. But sometimes you want something a little... different. And higher proof.

So what you’ll do: book an appointment. Then, when the time comes, you’ll walk back into a dark, tiled room where a masseuse will be waiting to cover you with a warm exfoliating mix of bourbon-spiked vanilla, black cherries and nutmeg. A mix that’s going to be rubbed all over you in a vigorous, knot-untying, full-body massage sort of way.

And since all that relaxing is likely to make you thirsty, the whole thing ends with you (still in your robe) sipping a cold Manhattan on a couch in the spa’s lounge.

Whiskey tastes best in a robe.


December in Manhattan
at Hiatus Spa + Retreat
5560 W Lovers Ln, Ste 250
Dallas, TX, 75209

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