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South Beach’s New Go-To Seafood Mecca

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And now, a quick look at today’s weather report.

Miami: 79º

New York City: 49º

Yup, we’d rather be eating lobster here, too.

So cast your net at Lure Fishbar, a polished New York City transplant stocked with all kinds of raw and cooked bounty from the ocean, opening tonight in South Beach.

Imagine the posh cabin in one of those massive seafaring yachts. Something with hardwood floors, blue-plaid banquettes and shelves lined with nautical knickknacks. Now, plop the whole thing in the middle of a hotel. That’s this. A veritable treasure trove of seafood-ness with rooms for your post-crustacean food coma. Yeah, pretty convenient.

So when you’re hankering for some expertly prepared ocean-dwellers (like... always), step inside and post up at the polished wood bar. Have a few oysters from the raw bar and some yellowtail sashimi. Or if you’d prefer to go the lobster route, there’s a two-pound specimen from Maine that’s waiting with bated... butter.

And sure, shellfish-related decisions are tough, but chin up—that’s where barkeep extraordinaire Rob Ferrara comes in. Just give the word, and like magic, a bunch of specialty cocktails like the Master at Arms (tequila, mezcal, passion fruit and a chili-coffee tincture) will appear before you.

That’s your favorite kind of magic.


Lure Fishbar
at Loews Miami Beach Hotel
1601 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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