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These Pens Will Live Longer Than You

Those holiday cards aren’t going to sign themselves, you know.

Better get on that.

Better go ahead and really get on that.


Related: here’s The Vermont Pen Company, a collection of majestic, semiprecious writing instruments with a longer life span than you, available online now.

These are exactly the kinds of pass-down-able objects you wish you’d inherited from your great-grandfather. But in case that didn’t happen, some master craftsmen in Vermont are happy to step in with this mélange of unnecessarily dashing writing instruments that should last the next 200 years. Give or take a day.

For materials, they’ve decided on solid stuff. That means solid copper for the Branford. Solid brass for the Apley. And solid silver for the Stoughton. And they come in gift boxes made of solid slate. Because of course they come in gift boxes made of that.

Your John Hancock will become more John Hancock–y. Your manuscript of the Great American Novel will become more great and more American. Signing checks will be... just okay still.

And since we feel strongly about you having these, starting today, they’ll be going for up to 59% off the going rate on UD Perks.

You can thank us in writing.

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