Third Degree

This App Will Dress You

None We have no idea what you’re wearing today.

And likewise, we have no idea what you’re wearing tomorrow.

But we know an inanimate piece of software that does...

Let the clouds part for Three, a beautifully minimalist iPhone app that does nothing but tell you the three things to wear for the weather outside, available now.

This might be the most simple, game-changing weather tool ever. Or it might be a lazy substitute for proper decision-making and the downfall of mankind. Either way, you’re no longer staring into the abyss of your closet every morning, so...

Go ahead and install the app. You’ll see the date, the temperature and your city in the top right corner—but ignore all that. Concern yourself only with the three words front and center, which are what you should wear based on the current conditions. So if it’s warm out, it’ll say, “Shorts, T-Shirt, Sunglasses.” Or if it’s freezing, “Jacket, Boots, Heavy Scarf.”

And if you swipe to the right, it’ll tell you what to wear later in the evening.

“Nothing but a grin.” That’s right.

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