Here’s the Rub

5 Ways to Relax Right Now

We know. Lately, you’ve been just bursting with free time and energy, and everything is working just like you want it to. Only... the exact opposite of that. Here, before you, is a collection of holiday-stress relievers. The greatest gift of them all.

The Slimline Pod

The Slimline Pod

You Require: Somewhere to sweat out the nog you’ve consumed this month.
You’ll Receive: An hour in a 160-degree personal sauna/massage pod. It looks part tanning booth and part personal spacecraft, and feels like being whisked to health on a cloud... of technology.

$120, available at Genie Pod Spa, 224 5th Ave, 3rd Fl (between 26th and 27th), 212-213-8520

Caviar Facial

Caviar Facial

You Require: A supple exfoliator to restore your visage back to its lively pre-holiday glory.
You’ll Receive: Caviar. On your face. (Also your hands and chest.) It’s rich in protein and antioxidants. Congratulations, you’re blini.

$175, available at Yelo Spa, 5 E 57th St (between Madison and 5th), 212-245-8235

Bath and Acoustic Concert Massage

Bath and Acoustic Concert Massage

You Require: Full-immersion body babying. With a soundtrack.
You’ll Receive: The sounds of live classical guitar and Sufi flute while you’re massaged and fully immersed in the purifying waters of Aire Ancient Baths. Sorry, the lute quartet was unavailable.

$75-$315, available Tuesdays, 7-9pm, and Fridays, 9-11pm, Aire Ancient Baths, 88 Franklin St (between Franklin Pl and Church), 212-274-3777

Personal Boxing Lessons

Personal Boxing Lessons

You Require: A way to exorcise all that crowded-shopping-related aggression.
You’ll Receive: 10 one-on-one sessions with a boxing trainer from the punching-someone experts at Gleason’s. This may also help with family holiday mediation for years to come.

In-Office Sexy Shoeshines

In-Office Sexy Shoeshines

You Require: A sympathetic ear and a clean pair of shoes.
You’ll Receive: A team of comely lasses who’ll show up at your office, shine boxes in hand, to make those wingtips gleam. It beats Joe Pesci.

$100 for 10 shines, available from Star Shine, 917-392-3990

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