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Absinthe Burgers on Greenville Ave

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These may or may not be the greatest burgers you’ve ever eaten.

It really all depends on how you feel about things like mild psychoactive drugs.

Hold the ketchup for Grub Burger Bar, a casual burger joint that’s doing important work in the world of topping innovation, now soft-open.

As you’ve probably guessed, you’re coming to this black-tile-and-wood-slatted spot for burgers (they’ve got 14) and bar (they’ve got... one). But you want specifics. We can tell you want specifics. So...

Yes, there’s a burger with absinthe.
There are also burgers with Dr Pepper BBQ sauce and cilantro-lime-coconut flakes. But the one you want to focus on is the VooDoo Mushroom. It’s got green onions, swiss, Tabasco mayo and absinthe sautéed mushrooms. Absinthe > special sauce.

Forget the side of fries.
If and only if you’re ordering the Ghost Burger (pepper jack, ghost-chili sauce, grilled jalapeños). In that case, they’ll set you up with a side of ice cream instead. Apparently it numbs the pain or something.

Beer isn’t the only thing on tap.
Moonshine is, too. Here, they cut it with a cocktail of Kool-Aid and lime soda.

We assume to prevent blindness.

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