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A Homey New Date Spot on 14th

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This week is all about being thankful.

And next week... well, next week is all about this place.

Pull up a seat and stay awhile at Better Half, the permanent and inevitable restaurant version of PushStart Kitchen that you’ll employ for matters of pork and happy times, hoping to soft-open next week and taking reservations now for December 15.

This is brought to you courtesy of Zach and Cristina Meloy. The same lovely couple who conjured up the PushStart supper club years ago. And you’ll notice that you’re not at the Goat Farm anymore. Firstly, there’s that big mural Zach painted that looks like a cartoon version of some kind of mad scientist’s assembly line. Secondly, the address is different.

It’s on the tinier side, too. So do this: bring a date early and try to get two of the 10 first-come, first-served seats at the kitchen counter. That’s where the cooks cook. Subsequently, that’s where they’ll serve you griddled octopus or pork shoulder or whatever they’re making from the constantly rotating menu.

Also do this: reserve a table for January when they start serving beer and wine. That way you can drink Costa Rican lagers and wine.

Nobody said that part was complicated.

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