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Fedoras and Pageboy Caps in Georgetown

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We have to say... your hair looks amazing today.

Which makes it almost ironic that we’re going to tell you to put a hat on it.

But hey, it’s a little breezy out there, and we can’t have you catching cold.

And also: here are some great hats.

Namely, the ones from Goorin Bros., the folks who started plying their hat-making trade in Pittsburgh in 1895, just open as of a couple hours ago in Georgetown.

In fact, the place looks a bit like a general store from 1895—tin ceiling, antiques, a chandelier made from gramophones—except instead of health tonics and bags of feed, you’ll just see hats.

For instance, the Heisenberg, created specifically for Walter White himself. Or the Boss, a dark, Michael Corleone–style fedora made in their original Pennsylvania factory.

But maybe you’re not feeling as dastardly as those folks. Well, they’ve also got some Tom Petty–ish wool top hats. And on it goes... pageboy caps and Gatsbys made from English tweed and Italian wool, early-Dylan-style cadets and all manner of knit stocking caps and beanies.

They’ll even help you match your hat with a feather or a hat pin.

Feathers: always handy if a tickle fight breaks out.


Goorin Bros.
1214 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, DC, 20007


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