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An All-Day Spanish Hangout in the Gables

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Today, a brief lesson in Spanish.

Hello = hola.

Pencil = lápiz.

The Miami Dolphins = Los Miami Dolphins.

And a Spanish spot with a serious thing for freshly baked breads, ibérico ham and perfectly cooked ribeyes = Bellmónt. It’s now open in the Gables.

Yeah, so this’ll make for a solid dinner date. Or a solid go-to for a midday working lunch. Or a solid place to grab your morning espresso with pastries made from scratch just minutes before. Point is, you can use this spot pretty much as you see fit. That’s what it’s here for.

The vibe: casual—but in that austere, Euro kind of way. Abstract art, a tall brown leather banquette from Spain, wine bottles racked up on stark white walls—you get it. So leave the Tom Ford behind and get comfortable. There’s ibérico ham, grilled foie and a 26-ounce Angus ribeye cooked over a slab of volcanic rock on the menu. Make sure at least two of those end up in front of you.

Two words: pig leg. Two more words: Pereruela oven. That’s a wood-burning number they’ve imported from southeast Spain. And that pig leg sits in it for five to six hours. Just... waiting. But you’ve got to reserve it 24 hours ahead of time.

Hey, time is pork.

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